About Our Indoor Water Fountains

In our hectic, busy world, my water fountains provide a relaxing, soothing sound of water, trickling around natural multi-colored rocks which helps bring peace and tranquility to your environment. Falling water in a fountain increases oxygen, humidifies the air, emulates nature, and is extremely peaceful. My hope is to bring these benefits into your living or working space.

What Makes Our Fountains Different:

  • Unlike most fountains, we use a high power — 80 Gallons Per Hour pump, which allows you to actually hear the water fountain!
  • Our fountains are MADE IN THE USA at our home in Springboro, OH.
  • We use Grade 1, first-quality marble river rocks called Imperial River Rocks.
  • We take pride in providing among the highest quality hand-made fountains on the market and offering them to you at a very affordable price!
  • We ship all of our fountains for FREE! Who do you think gave Jeff Bezos and Amazon the free shipping idea? ?

Ideal For:

  • Home decor (living rooms, family rooms, bedrooms, entryways, etc.)
  • Reception areas in doctor, dentist, orthodontist, and chiropractor offices.
  • Massage & Day Spas
  • Beauty Salons
  • Office Desktops
  • Florists
  • Specialty shops
  • Yoga facilities



  • 1 – 10” x 2” white stoneware shallow bowl
  • 3 – Life-like succulent plants
  • 25-30 – Imperial River rocks
  • 1 – 80 GPH submersible pump
  •  *Wood slice not included

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  • 1 – 9″ x 2-1/2” Olive stoneware bowl
  • 3 – Life-like succulent plants
  • Imperial River rocks
  • 1 – 80 GPH submersible pump
  • *Wood slice not included

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  • 1 – 9″ x 3″ black stoneware bowl
  • 3 – Life-like succulent plants
  • 18-20 – Imperial River rocks
  • 1 – 80 GPH submersible pump
  • *Wood slice not included

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  • 1 – 6” x 4” black stoneware bowl
  • 2 – Life-like succulent plants
  • Imperial River rocks
  • 1 – 80 GPH submersible pump
  • *Wood slice not included

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My name is Cheryl. The past 32 years I have been a devoted, stay-at-home mom raising five wonderful children! I am a high-energy person, so after our fifth child went off to college I needed to keep busy. I have always had a special fondness for water! I absolutely love being near oceans, lakes, or rivers and I am an avid swimmer, who swims one mile a day. For years, I have searched high and low for a natural-looking, indoor water fountain for our home. I never found one I really liked. Most of the fountains on the market are cheaply designed, and have a poor trickle sound. Having the encouragement of my husband, who has been a very successful manufacturing business-owner, I decided to develop the idea of designing my own water fountain.

One day my husband and I went on a hike in New Braunfels, Texas. We came upon the spring head of the Comal River. The beautiful trickling sound of the water flowing amongst the rocks gave me the idea to duplicate that in a home fountain. With many months of trial and error, I finally came up with four unique indoor fountain creations that I personally love!

If you have any questions please feel free to email me anytime email me.

Recent Reviews

“I love my Fountains of Life tabletop water fountain! Beautifully made and very quiet and calming. This is my present to my household ( and my nerves!) during quarantine…perfectly situated on my entry hall table and the comforting sound of the moving water carries throughout the first floor. Thank you for working hard to make a great quality product, Cheryl! I will keep your card next to our fountain so that your info is available to those that enter into my home once quarantine is over. I am sure that they are going to love the fountain as much as we do. Again, Thank You!”
Shawn Lamb

Mooresville, NC

“I cannot say enough awesome things about this beautiful fountain…Would definitely recommend one of these fountains to anyone. They would really make for a perfect gift for anyone.”


Washougal, WA

“Very happy with this fountain. Cheryl was very quick to respond to queries and kept me posted about shipping. Package arrived with really clear instructions and FAQs. Use this every day to fill the room with the sound of a small river stream. You can dial up the sound level by adjusting the rocks and/or changing the motor intensity. Overall super happy with this purchase.”



New York, NY

“My fountain is JUST PERFECT! It is in the prosperity corner of my office and is the exact thing I was looking for. Beautiful, and the sound is so relaxing. Fast shipping and quality parts and features. I will be ordering more!.”


Colorado Springs, CO

“Fastest shipping! Thank you so much!”


San Francisco, CA

“Absolutely beautiful and as pretty as described.”


Sandpoint, ID

“My mom wanted a fountain for her desk at home and this is perfect! I received it quickly and was able to assemble is easily. There is no humming noise and actually recreated that soothing running water sound perfectly. My mom loves it, thanK you.”
Sydni Kobayashi

Meridian, ID

“Love it! I can’t tell you how hard it is to find a fountain that fits the decor of my home! This one is exactly what I’ve been searching for…simple, high quality and provides the perfect tranquil trickle sound! I will treasure this fountain for years to come and would highly recommend this shop to anyone!!”


Camas, WA

“I searched high and low for a chic fountain that wasn’t super ‘machine’ sounding noisy. This is perfected! And I’ll be ordering more as seller does a professional, attractive job packaging and presenting so great to send as a gift. I was nervous about the faux succulents (I’m uber picky as a designer) but I have to say that once they’re placed among the rocks, they look incredibly real.”


Vashon, WA

“This is a gift for my disabled husband and he absolutely loves it. It is so beautiful and the burbling water is relaxing. I did not realize that it came with a beautiful piece of wood but is completes the “forest” feeling of the fountain. A great gift!”



Anderson, CA

“Beautiful and wonderful sounding fountain. Love it.”


El Paso, TX

“This was exactly what I was looking for to sit upon a bookshelf in my office to enjoy listening to while I work. The shape of the bowl, the amount of river stones and succulents is perfect. Cheryl‘s customer service is unparalleled. When the bowl arrived cracked due to rough UPS handling she sent a replacement bowl priority mail no questions asked.”


Melrose, MA

“Beautiful and calming gift in this time of Covid. This table top fountain was well-packaged and the instructions were clear on how to put it together. We love it. Thank you, Cheryl!””
Darcy Davidson

Portsmouth, NH

“I couldn’t be more pleased! This is a gorgeous fountain with a silent pump and the most tranquil sound. The package comes with detailed instructions and high quality elements that look exactly as shown in the photo. It was a breeze to prep and assemble.”


Marina Del Rey, CA

“I’ve literally been scavenging the internet and stores for a great indoor water fountain for nearly 10 years, and am always disappointed with the fountains I have ordered and purchased. You have to have a microphone next to the fountain to even hear the sound of the water from more than 5 feet away. Then…I came across Fountains of Life and it changed my life.

It’s produces the PERFECT amount of white noise and the quality is next to none. You can tell these fountains are made with pride and quality workmanship, and not made in China. My biggest complaint on these fountains is that because they are so relaxing, when we have it on at our office, once in awhile I find one of our employees fast asleep. Kidding! These fountains are the BEST!”


St. Petersburg, FL

“Absolutely beautiful and as pretty as described. I added a spider baby plant.;) Seller was very responsive in answering questions before I purchased.


Sandpoint, ID

“I love this fountain so much! It’s made our home feel so luxurious and peaceful. Really easy set up, awesome service, and arrived super quick. Highly recommend!”
Hannah Groveman

Cleveland, OH


Q: What type of water should I use to fill my fountain?
A:  Tap water is the best.
Q: How often do I have to add water to the fountain?
A:  Check daily to make sure that the water level is well above the pump intake value for a smooth flow. If the water level falls too low, you will hear a gasping, struggling sound from the motor. NEVER let the pump run out of water or it will burn out the pump.
Q: What should I do if the motor is making a noise?
A:  Try unplugging the pump and then re-plugging it back into the socket. Restarting the pump usually eliminates any noise.
Q: What is the water flow is too strong and water droplets are spilling out of the bowl?
A:   First, you can adjust the pump’s water flow regulator to reduce the water flow. If it is on the lowest setting and the water is still flowing too strong, unplug pump and rearrange rocks to cover the water flow hole. Plug pump back in. Adjusting the rocks can make a big difference in reducing the water flow.
Q: How often should I clean my fountain?
A:  For optimal pump life, clean your fountain every three months.
Q: How do I clean the fountain?


  • Take the whole fountain to the sink and remove the rocks and plants from the bowl.
  • Soak stones in a mixture of vinegar and water to remove hard water deposits.
  • Clean the pump by taking off the outer shell that covers the propeller: remove any debris or sediment that is on the propeller.
  • Replace cover and put the pump back into the fountain bowl.
  • Arrange stones and succulents in bowl and add tap water.
  • Re-plug the pump in and it should be good for another three months.
Q: How much does the fountain cost to ship?

A: We ship all of our fountains for FREE! Who do you think gave Jeff Bezos and Amazon the idea? 🙂

Q: What if my fountain is damaged, due to shipping?
A:  Please email me with a description and picture of the breakage at cheryl@fountainsoflife.com.  I will replace anything that is damaged free of charge.

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